Water Is Life With Our Unique FS-Apiqe Water System With Alkaline Option


It may also be that better water is better life. If so, Italian design and American engineering of our FS-Apiqe water unit  have created a unique variety of drinking water for the patrons of your establishment, with the options of chilled, sparkling, hot or room temperature water – with even an alkaline option available – so you can offer them better water at the touch of a button.

Freshly Squeezed’s  FS-Apiqe water unit can produce 20-plus gallons of ice-chilled, sparkling or still water in less than an hour: pure and safe water, on demand. You get hands free automatic pouring, boiling-hot water with a child safety device included, and optional alkaline water –  the only one in the market.

The culmination of nearly a decade of work from a group of dedicated chemical, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers, award-winning industrial designers, and gourmet and health specialists, the FS-Apiqe is a technological and environmental breakthrough. It gives you purified water directly from your water source, using micro-filtration system and UV light, served in attractive, washable and reusable bottles which eliminate all the mess and carbon-footprint implications of disposable containers.

Made in the USA

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