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Our bottleless water system WS 9000CT with a counter top cooler is perfect for any office kitchen, conference room or any other place at your office where a counter top unit is preferred. WS 9000CT system takes tap water and turns it into pure and delicious drinking water with improved alkalinity and added minerals without the hassles or expense of bottled water. With the tap of your finger you can get a cold or hot glass of the healthiest water available. One WS 9000CT water system will replace the process of buying, storing and replacing the huge 40 lb water bottles.  No up front costs and a minimal monthly payment gets you the unit, 5 years unlimited warranty and regular maintenance that we will be responsible for. 

Like our free standing systems the WS 9000CT model utilizes the 9 stage filtration process, has all stainless steel reservoirs and is made with the highest quality LG parts and components.

Freshly Squeezed will provide preliminary site assessment, delivery, installation, maintenance and filter replacements to ensure your employees have uninterrupted access to the purest healthiest water. Our monthly lease price is fixed, regardless of the amount of total water consumed. All our bottleless water systems are UL and NSF certified.


All Inclusive Lease Program For WS 9000CT System

  • Unlimited Pure Water
  • Delivery, installation and training
  • Maintenance and filter replacement
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Monthly/quarterly billing
  • Prompt local service

Technical characteristics

  • 1.2 Gal
  • 0.5 Gal
  • 20.5?x14.2?x15.5?
  • 1 oz/secc









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