10 Ways Clean Water Can Change The World

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Everyone deserves clean water, but some regions in the world are struggling, some are even fighting to control clean water supplies. Click the link below to see how important the flow of clean water is for our world.


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Water Is Life With Our Unique FS-Apiqe Water System With Alkaline Option


It may also be that better water is better life. If so, Italian design and American engineering of our FS-Apiqe water unit  have created a unique variety of drinking water for the patrons of your establishment, with the options of chilled, sparkling, hot or room temperature water – with even an alkaline option available – so you can offer them better water at the touch of a button.

Freshly Squeezed’s  FS-Apiqe water unit can produce 20-plus gallons of ice-chilled, sparkling or still water in less than an hour: pure and safe water, on demand. You get hands free automatic pouring, boiling-hot water with a child safety device included, and optional alkaline water –  the only one in the market.

The culmination of nearly a decade of work from a group of dedicated chemical, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers, award-winning industrial designers, and gourmet and health specialists, the FS-Apiqe is a technological and environmental breakthrough. It gives you purified water directly from your water source, using micro-filtration system and UV light, served in attractive, washable and reusable bottles which eliminate all the mess and carbon-footprint implications of disposable containers.

Made in the USA

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Trump Wont Do Anything But We Can Help!

Drink Best Water would like to present the following article to raise awareness and offer a solution to our deteriorating water infrastructure.


Our water purification systems are the best and cheapest solution to ensure you, your family or your employees drink delicious purest water enriched with necessary minerals.

Forget The Wall: Water Is the United States’ Pressing Infrastructure Issue

We would like to share this very interesting article on the situation of water systems infrastructure and the quality of drinking water in the US.  Our water purification systems are the best and cheapest solution to ensure you, your family or your employees drink delicious purest water enriched with necessary minerals.


Freshly Squeezed Welcomes Sherwin Williams

Freshly Squeezed welcomes Sherwin Williams to our family of water clients.  As of last week we are currently on both of their Austintown and Wooster locations with the WS-5000.   Employees and customers now have access to cold and refreshing water, without the inconvenience of carrying and storing bottles.  Learn more about the WS-5000 here.

Employee Hydration and Productivity

Keeping your staff hydrated is a great and inexpensive way to increase productivity and your staff will love you for it!

Employees are required by law to provide their workers with access to drink water.  However, as many as 80% of all employees in the United States end up dehydrated throughout the day.  This can be a major problem because evidence shows that dehydration is associated with loss of mental performance and increased levels of fatigue, both of which are barriers to optimal worker productivity.

One study by Wasterlund and Chaseling studied forest workers in a controlled environment, where one group was properly hydrated and the other dehydrated.  The result was a 12% decrease in productivity from the dehydrated group.  Evidence from several studies also shows that dehydration can lead to job-related accidents.

The good news is that great water that your employees will love is available at a minimal cost.  Contact us today to learn how you can keep your employees hydrated and healthy with increased levels of productivity.  Ask about our water systems today!

FS-Water at Notre Dame

Freshly Squeezed is excited to announce our partnership with Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio. With a touch of a button, Notre Dame College faculty and students can now enjoy hot or cold pure and delicious drinking water with improved alkalinity and added minerals. Our WS-5000 water machines can be seen throughout their offices on campus.  Ask about the WS 5000 free standing cooler which is perfect for any hall, reception area, conference room or other office locations.

Talk to our experts today to find which of our water solutions are best for you!  Don’t forget to ask about our free trials.



Fresh Water From Your Sink

Fresh water from under your sink! Ask about our under-sink filtration options for the home or office. This option is the perfect alternative for your home kitchen or small office with limited space. Turn tap water into pure and delicious drinking water with improved alkalinity and added minerals.

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Healthy Drinking Water

Beautiful-Clean-Pure-Healthy drinking water. Congratulations to Northeast Auto Finance for replacing their old 5 gallon jug bottled system with the SMART & SUSTAINABLE choice of bottleless water!