About Us

FS-Water is a locally owned and operated company in Cleveland, Ohio with additional offices in Florida and California. Our parent company, Freshly Squeezed Corp, also based in Cleveland, is an international distributor of juicing, food processing, and water purification equipment. Freshly Squeezed Corp has been a health beverage industry leader since 2007.

Sales and Service Support

Our sales staff has been trained about everything concerning water: what you can and can’t see, different purification methods, how to prevent contamination, etc. Our sales staff can assess each client’s individual need and provide a cost effective purification solution. Our local technicians and installers are manufacturer trained and certified. We provide premier customer support and are always just a call away to service your needs.

Flexible Payment Terms

We created FS-Water to gap a bridge between the consumer and the water that he/she SHOULD be drinking. You would be surprised how much of an upgrade in the quality of water you drink can be obtained for often less than you pay now. We all know how important water is to our health and happiness, but many of us don’t know what exactly we are drinking. Since there is little we feel like we can do about it, especially at work, we don’t do anything about it all – and just hope for the best. Let’s remove that big white elephant from the room and drink water we are enthusiastic about.

On Site Technical Support

Besides setting up our clients with the best US and international water solutions in the world, our technicians are trained to provide the very best support and to comprehensively answer any questions you may have. We have multiple tech on staff for a fast response. Once our client, always our client.

Provide Local Billing Support

To make your experience seamless from install to maintenance, we provide local support, even with billing.